Physicians Give the Skinny on Recruitment

Generating the right pool of physician candidates for a position is tricky under the best of circumstances. It’s tougher still without a clear understanding of what physicians value.

Hiring an Estate-Planning Attorney: The Interview

Curiosity may kill the cat, but unasked questions are murder on an estate plan.

That's News

Gender Gap on Infertility Care

Men are less likely than women to seek medical help for infertility, a British study suggests.

Research published in Human Reproduction found that 57.3...

Product Spotlight

Image courtesy of Level EX Airway EX Mobile App

A new 3-D virtual surgery app by technology company Level EX draws on the knowledge of leading surgeons and video game developers to help...

Scribes May Enhance Quality of Outpatient Notes

The growth of EHRs has boosted use of medical assistant scribes. A study in The Journal of Family Practice suggests that may be a worthwhile investment.